TriesteMartedi 22 Gennaio 2019

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS in originale con s.t. italiani

regia Josie Rourke
Margot Robbie,
Saoirse Ronan,
Jack Lowden
mercoledž 23 gennaio al Giotto alle 21.15

(original version )

A 2018 film set centuries ago in Britainís royal halls of power, a period piece laden with the requisite opulent costumes and set dressing, also does something new with the genre: interrogating the sexist limits on what women in this world could achieve. That movie, Yorgos Lanthimosís The Favourite, is about Queen Anne; itís in theaters now and is well worth seeing. Mere weeks after that filmís release comes a similar work, this time examining two of Britainís most significant female rulers. But while Josie Rourkeís Mary Queen of Scots is sumptuous and beautifully designed, it also (unlike The Favourite) indulges in every threadbare period-film trope.

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