TriesteDomenica 22 Maggio 2022

L’ARMA DELL’INGANNO, OPERAZIONE MINCEMEAT in originale con s.t. italiani

regia John Madden
Colin Firth,
Kelly Macdonald ,
Matthew Macfadye

(oruginal version - 128 min. )

In the context of WW2 narratives, the story of Operation Mincemeat is unique a bizarre and seductive cinematic blend of high-level espionage and ingenious fiction, where the stakes could hardly be higher. Michelle Ashford's script fuses multiple strands and moods: tense, romantic, thrilling, unexpectedly funny, and endlessly surprising. It tells a richly human story of the soldiers we seldom see, who fight a different kind of war in shadows and deception, haunted by the knoledge that certainty and guarantee of success are nowhere to be found.

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